Month: April 2021

Why won’t my car start?

Have you ever had your car just “dead” on you, try to start it and it just won’t start? You end up calling a tow truck and paying those big towing bills, then to make matters worse the shop technician tells you it will cost hundreds of dollars to get it working again, right? Maybe, […]

Game Review – Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition

The franchise has long been known for delivering a true horror vibe. With the amazing Resident Evil 4 having raised the bar for the series, Resident Evil 5 remains a solid game for fans of the series, the action adventure genre, and good games overall. And with the release of the Gold Edition version, which […]

Using pictures to sell puppies

Are you trying to sell some puppies to a good home? Whether you’re raising dogs or your beloved pet managed to break free from her pen and get pregnant, selling puppies can sometimes be a difficult task. After all, there are plenty of puppies out there who are looking for a good home, so finding […]

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