Month: April 2021

10 tips for buying the right countertops

1. Granite is available for countertops in two different finishes. You can either a polished finish that looks very shiny or a polished finish. The polished finish makes the granite color appear darker than the polished finish. The polished finish gives the granite a smoother look and a matte or dull finish. This material is […]

Resident Evil 5 review

Resident Evil 5, the sequel to Resident Evil 4, is the fifth game in the series. It is currently in development, but people have started talking about it. What did you hear about that? Its developer CapCom has yet to reveal much about Resident Evil 5. Few details about the game have been released. The […]

How is NBFC different from a bank?

NBCFs and banks act as financial intermediaries and offer quite similar services. But there are many points of difference. There are very strict licensing regulations for banks compared to NBFCs. What is an NBFC? The main business activities of a Non-Banking Financial Company consist of loans or financial leasing or purchase in installments, acceptance of […]

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