Month: April 2021

How my many hats fuel my creativity

Margaret Lobenstine would call me a “Renaissance soul.” Chris King would refer to my “portfolio career”. Usually I just use the expression that I wear a lot of different hats, throughout each day and throughout my life. I love this life and I wouldn’t have it any other way, and yet it does wear me […]

Spornette hair care product review

Spornette has over 60 years of success in the salon industry and is world famous for the hairbrushes it makes. Spornette International, founded by Walter Sporn, was originally called The Walter Sporn Company in the early 1950s. Walter’s fame is the nylon brush with a plastic handle. Meeting an engineer who made eyeliner and lip […]

Some fun facts about the Piebald Dachshund

The stinging dachshund is just like any other dachshund except for its distinctive color. The term piebald originated in the UK and refers to an unusual type of coloration that has a white base and can be combined with brown, black, and sometimes gray. This coloration is seen in a few different types of dogs, […]

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