Month: July 2021

Clementine recipes: not just for snacking

Clementines are the small citrus fruits in boxes or mesh bags that appear in the markets during the winter months. This year’s harvest is tasty, juicy, and plentiful (prices are low!). They are ideal for snacks, dessert or fruit salads. Clementines are also a wonderful addition to almost any green salad, or in hearty salads […]

The Cons of a 50/50 Equity Business Partnership

This article could have been titled “The Pros and Cons of a 50/50 Equity Partnership,” but the cons far outweigh the pros. When partnerships are formed, the obvious concerns are addressed. How do each partner’s skill set and experience complement each other? How much will each partner contribute to make the business run? How long […]

How to find good legal services abroad

Advances in technology have made setting up companies abroad quick and easy. Whether the business operates from a physical or virtual office, doing business internationally has become the norm. Doing business in a foreign country involves being familiar with the laws of the host country. The legal complexities of international trade could be quite challenging, […]

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