Month: August 2021

Bodyweight burn review: does it work?

If you’ve been trying to lose weight and improve your fitness levels, you may have come across advertisements for Bodyweight Burn, a weight loss and fitness program from health and fitness expert Adam Steer, and you may have you may have wondered what it is about. If so, here’s a breakdown of what the program […]

How to Start a Home-Based Perfume Business

Here’s some helpful information to get you started, and you can find a lot more on the internet. Perfumes must have an aromatic component that can be natural, such as a flower extract, extracts of various plant materials or essential oils. Or it could be synthetic, as found in most of the more affordable perfumes […]

Fantastic Basketball Daily Strategy

Daily Fantasy Basketball is one of the most action-packed daily fantasy sports, as players have possessions every minute that lead to highs and lows. Additionally, players touch the ball more frequently and score points for a wide variety of stats. Here are several main points to help you succeed in daily fantasy basketball: Matchup – […]

Arthritis: New Hope for Green Tea

Like anyone who has, or knows someone who has, rheumatoid arthritis, you can prevent the sufferer from leading a normal life. It is a condition of unknown cause that can range in intensity from a brief, self-limited illness to a long-term illness that progressively worsens. Initially, the treatments are light, with the aim of remedying […]

The SMS phenomenon

SMS (Short Message Service) was part of the GSM specification more than 25 years ago. I doubt that the developers of the original SMS, who were probably also launching concepts such as video conferencing over the phone, would have anticipated the success of the SMS concept. The removable SIM card and SMS were the two […]

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