Month: October 2021

Bails are not fair!

Why are some bonds better than others? Why can small ones be harder to come by than big ones? Construction companies are among the most important clients of a binding company. They are the source of the performance and payment bonds that guarantee your construction contracts. For a surety company (surety), these are probably the […]

Kickers are rare

I was a sports broadcaster for 35 years, mainly covering the National Football League. I learned many things in that time, but one thing stands out and I am going to share it with you now: Kickers are rare Go back and read it again, several times. I put it in big letters for a […]

How to deal with teens with braces

This is why parents have an important role to play when it comes to empowering their children to deal with the social aspects of adolescent life. If you are a parent of teens with braces, you should prioritize their needs and make sure you are always there to guide them through this important stage in […]

Vintage plastics; Bakelite, celluloid and lucite

Antique and antique Bakelite jewelry, in addition to all ancient and antique plastics, including celluloid, lucite, Bakelite, kitchenware, silverware, utensils, and collectibles, have gained significant respect and are increasingly sought after each time. year as all generations are collecting more. Many people don’t realize how many objects in their home when they were little were […]

RV Living Verses Apartment Living

A couple of years ago, my wife and I decided that we were going to travel to the United States in a semi-retired state. We kicked out the kids (all over the age of 21), sold our house, and bought an RV. Well, live situations change and we didn’t hit the road, at least not […]

The future of social media

“Here was a happy world, my teachers!” (Thomas Middleton) The state of social networks is not what it was. Freedom of expression has been threatened in its last stronghold. Social media has changed the way we access news information. This is one of the reasons why social networks have been adopted by increasing percentages of […]

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