Month: July 2022

Do you have a child who participates in cheerleading? Learn more about common cheerleading injuries

Cheerleading is a popular form of physical activity in the US, with an estimated 2.8 million elementary and middle school children participating in the sport each year. While pom-poms and fancy uniforms may define cheerleading for some, the activity actually involves an enormous amount of athletic skill and conditioning. Cheerleaders need to develop a lot […]

TOP 10 Islands in Brazil

The Brazilian coast is blessed with many wonderful islands, some of them world famous such as Fernando de Noronha and Ilha Grande. Here is a list of the TOP 10 Brazilian islands and the reasons that made them so special. If you are a lover of the islands, you cannot miss it! TOP 10 Brazilian […]

Teaching Children to Read and Spell – Learning Objectives for Teaching the First Six Sounds

When teaching children to read and spell in the early years, the most effective method, as recommended by every government report for the last decade, is a ‘systematic phonics’ approach combined with blended activities to promote phonological awareness. If parents are teaching their own children to read, write and spell at home, they can choose […]

17 Mile Cave, Idaho – Here Be Monsters

“The rich,” writes Michael Olmert, a professor at the University of Maryland, “have a great influence on history.” Where they live and the things they own “dominate what we know about the past simply because good things outlast the vernacular and the ephemeral,” he writes in his book “Milton’s Teeth and Ovid’s Umbrella.” “Graffiti defeats […]

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