3 qualities for massive success

This world can be divided into two categories. The first category can be called “Seekers” and the second category can be called “Doers.”

While the majority of the population would like to believe that they fall into the category of “Doers”, ironically enough, they want to do, but they almost never “do” what they want.

The biggest difference between those who are labeled “entrepreneurs” and those dubbed “Day-Dreamers” is their level of confidence and belief in their own abilities.

Those who achieve have 3 qualities that make them stand out and get what they want.

Quality # 1 – Self Confidence

Throughout history, the most successful men and women have been those who believed they could achieve whatever they wanted no matter how difficult their past or current circumstances were. Be it the little Mahatma Gandhi who believed he could with the power of his simplicity dethrone the tyrant British government of India without using a single weapon or the little TV actor Shahrukh Khan, who never had the look or personality of a star, But today he is called the King of Bollywood and has ruled the Hindi film industry for over 2 decades.

These extraordinary men and women believed in their ability to face all kinds of opposition, be it society, conditions, or their own weaknesses. They believed that they could change their destiny and they worked hard despite the oppression and obstacles that were presented to them. Self belief is about knowing in your heart that you can overcome a difficult situation and achieve something, no matter how impossible and foolish that goal may seem. These people don’t believe when the people around them make fun of their determination and make fun of them. They don’t allow failure to demotivate them; They keep trying over and over again until they get what they want. That is believing in yourself.

Quality # 2 – Modesty

List the top 5 achievers in any field of your choice, now start to write down the personality traits that you like the most and I am sure that modesty or humility would be one of the common traits that would be found in all those who succeed. Just look around you, the people who are millionaires and powerful enough to change the destiny of millions are the humblest people you will ever come across. Be it the mighty US President Barack Obama or the acting god Amitabh Bachchan or the king of pop Michael Jackson. There is an earthy quality to them; it is their innocence and modesty that make them so attractive despite their gigantic and historic achievements. There is a sense of respect for others in their speech and body language, they never speak ill of others, and most important of all, they never brag about their accomplishments. Have you ever heard or seen MASTER BLASTER cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar show off his world records?

While we find “hopefuls” around us all the time, who have probably not accomplished anything miraculous but would never miss the opportunity to proclaim themselves as God. Remember, to be successful, you must never forget where you came from or where you might eventually end up. Respect others, constantly raise the bar for your achievements and never look down on those around you and success will kiss your forehead every day.

Quality # 3 – Concrete actions

Nothing can be achieved without taking action to reach the goal. Maradona or Pelé would never have been football icons, if they had waited in a place for someone to score goals, Michael Jordan would never have been the basketball star that he is, if he had complained about how high the basket was and man would never have set foot on the moon simply by admiring the moon through telescopes.

The doers believe that the easiest way to get to a destination is to take a step towards it instead of daydreaming. They act on their dreams; they design a plan to reach the goal. They set milestones that will tell them if they are on the right track and make sure they reach them by taking prudent and bold actions no matter how difficult they may be. They are the ones who believe that actions speak louder than words. Period.

To achieve it you must do, to achieve it you must fight, to achieve it you must work and hard while you are at it. There is no other route to success and yes, stay away from shortcuts as there are none.

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