3 Tips for Using Facebook to Recruit More Distributors for Your Network Marketing Business

Facebook is a huge platform and recently even had a billion users in a single day. See how huge that is? 1 in 7 people on the planet was on the platform in a 24-hour period. Imagine reaching even a small number of those people. What difference would that make for your business?

1. Set up your profile
Be a human being, not a logo or company name. Let people see that you can be a network marketer and not be weird. Don’t put a group photo as your personal profile either. Wear your face, your smiling face! In your personal profile, maybe you have yourself and your children or you and your partner, but above all, be human.

For the cover image, be creative. You could use a photo of your team or of you at an event with a lot of people who seem to be enjoying themselves. On your business page, let it be you and also a hint as to why people might want to work with you.

2. Connect with people
Have a target number of people you want to link with – start with 10 people a day or more. Choose to be consistent with this. You get 5000 people you can connect with so use them all. You’ll also find that as you connect with more people, you’ll start to get a lot more attention and more people will want to follow or connect with you.

  1. Join Facebook groups
    Look for Facebook groups for people interested in ‘Work from home’ or ‘home business’ or ‘Network Marketing’. Then join a few groups at a time. Don’t go crazy with this because again, it needs to be strategic but it also needs to be natural.
  2. Connect with people in groups.
    Take a look at the members tab and choose to connect with some people who are new to the group. Send them a message and ask them to connect with you. Answer people’s questions in a group, be seen as helpful, and you’ll find that people want to connect with you too. In fact, you want more people to connect with you than you do with them, so send them a message and ask them to connect if they’re willing.

3. Be active on social media
The key here is to build a relationship with people. Let them know you as a human being, so share your life with them. Remember, you don’t need to be perfect, just be you.

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