7 Steps of Writing a Research Paper

Writing a Research Paper

The introduction should introduce the issue and its significance. It should also state the main argument and justify why the paper is important. It should also explain the methods you used to conduct your research and what you hope to accomplish. The body of the research paper should address the issue in question, its history, and the effect it has on society. Lastly, it should explore the potential solutions. In drafting the introduction, it is crucial to follow certain rules to ensure that you write a convincing and coherent paper.

how to write a great research paper

The literature review section of your research paper should include background information on the topic and the theories used to answer the question. It should also define the theoretical constructs used and explain their relevance to the issue at hand. Next, identify empirical literature relevant to the topic and provide empirical evidence to support your claims. This section should be short and concise, as it should not overshadow the rest of the paper. If your paper is an argumentative essay, it will be difficult to convince your readers to read it unless you prove that your point is solid.

The title is crucial because it will help the reader form expectations about the contents of the paper. Incorporate keywords that clearly state the topic, methods, and results of the study. If necessary, add a subtitle for the paper. Make sure that the title is succinct and does not confuse the reader. You will also need to identify any new information that is relevant to the topic at hand. If your paper is an analysis of a single issue, use subtopics to provide additional context.

7 Steps of Writing a Research Paper

Once you’ve written the rough draft, it’s time to revise it. Check your sources and your outline. Check for errors and adherence to prompts and instructions. In addition, your final draft should be read by an audience to ensure that it is coherent and makes sense. If you have to rewrite the paper, you should read it from top to bottom to see if any of the points are still logical.

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Choose a topic. Select a topic that’s manageable. If you’ve narrowed your topic too much, you may have to narrow it. Remember, instructors read hundreds of research papers each year, and many of them are on the same topic. If you’re still unsure about the topic, ask your instructor for advice. You can also get help from the online resources you’re using for the research.

Cite your sources. Citations should appear both in the text and on the reference page. Different writing styles require different ways of citing sources. Chicago, MLA, and APA are three common styles for citations. If you’re unsure about which style to use, check out CARS (Citation Accuracy Resources Standards) handout for tips and examples. If your instructor has set a certain citation style, it’s likely that the professor will have specific guidelines.

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