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Natural cures for yeast infections: parasites

One reason for the failure of candidiasis therapies is the presence of an undiagnosed infection with parasites (blastocystis hominis, giardia lamblia, entamoeba coli, or others). According to Dr. Leo Galland, an expert in the treatment of Candida and parasitic infections, “All patients with disorders of immune function, including multiple allergies, patients with unexplained fatigue or […]

The benefits of a cat tree or scratching post

All cats instinctively need to scratch something to clean their claws and mark their territory. This is especially true for indoor cats, who cannot keep their claws scratching at a tree or fence in your yard. You will never prevent your cat from performing this natural behavior, but it is possible to steer him away […]

Sell ​​your home privately

When thinking about selling your home privately, one thing to consider is deciding where to put all your furniture and anything else in your home. Well this is all well and good, but selling a home also means getting rid of all the debris, repairing all the damage to the home, determining the price of […]

Proper nutrition for runners

Runners need a high level of nutrition. This nutrition must be able to satisfy a runner’s need for energy, body development and metabolism. What differentiates amateur runners from professionals is their nutrition and dietary intake. So if you want to compete, adapt your diet to your physical and exercise needs. Running in training and in […]

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