Before renting a house in Edinburgh, let’s understand these issues first!

“1. Research the location of the house Before looking for a house, you need to study the zoning of the place, the location, traffic, humanities and safety of each district, and then choose your ideal districts as the concentrated areas for house hunting.

2. Looking for houses online or through intermediaries. Houses can be roughly divided into two types. One is renting advertisements on the Internet, and the other is to find a house through a real estate agent. Generally, most students like to look at rental advertisements on the Internet to find a house in order to save a sum of agency fees. It is recommended to choose a well-known house-hunting website and learn more about it before making a decision. If you have no experience in renting a house or are worried about being cheated, it is a wise choice to find a reputable intermediary to find a student accommodation Edinburgh for you.

3. Contact the other party to arrange a time to view the house. It is difficult to know the actual situation of the house without going to see the house on the spot. After all, the photos cannot reflect all the details of the house. When choosing a house, you must first check whether the facilities are complete, clean and usable, and whether there are any potential safety hazards. Furthermore, if you choose to rent a house together, you should know more about the details and character of the renter in order to avoid disputes. If you share a room with others, you must reach an agreement with the roommate to prevent roommates from bringing unidentified people home. Don’t hand over the keys to other people at will, so as to avoid complicated access to personnel, etc.

Edinburgh rent a house, do you understand these details?

4. After discussing with the landlord of the house you like, after viewing the house on the spot, choose the one you like, and make an offer to the landlord, and write down your occupation, current residence, and the length of the contract and the price you want. Of course, sometimes it may not be so formal. According to your personal information and situation, the landlord will arrange an order among a bunch of tenants who have seen his house and talk one by one.

Special reminder: No matter which way you student accommodation in Edinburgh, the most important thing to note about renting a house in the UK is that you must have a relevant contract and sign a formal rental contract with the landlord. According to British law, such a contract is called Assured Shorthold Tenancy. This contract will clearly stipulate the rights and obligations of you and the landlord, as well as how to deal with the breach and termination of the agreement.

5. Pay the first rent and ask for the invoice. Remember to ask for the invoice or receipt after paying the rent with the landlord. Generally speaking, the first month’s money includes: agency fee + deposit (usually calculated as six weeks’ rent) + first month’s rent. At this point, all rights to the house other than ownership belong to the tenant, even if the lease term has not yet begun.

6. On the first day of the lease term, collect the keys, move, and move in.”

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