Beware of hype, bait and change in the internet network marketing industry

What do these 4 things have in common?

  • repairing a car
  • buy a house
  • make a bad financial investment
  • First steps in internet network marketing

Answer: You don’t get exactly what you thought you were initially paying for.

Car Repair: You bring your car in for new brakes, but before you know it, you need a new engine and you need to fix the transmission. Oh yeah… and new brakes.

Buying a house – the house is in perfect condition… until you discover that the basement leaks, the furnace doesn’t always work, and there are ghosts in the attic. Oh!

Making a bad financial investment, well… maybe you were rich… unfortunately, now you may be broke! I am sorry.

Internet Network Marketing – Simply sign up for this monthly membership and training system and you’ll have everything you need to get up and running. Goal, no!

Two months later, you are “offered” the Pay-Per-Click package, the Twitter Your Way to Success program, the Outsource or Die system, the Mystery Keyword Debunker, the Beat Google at your own game electronic game, sizzling cards of $100 (we did something like that 10 years ago) and so on.

These days, there are more “internet marketing gurus” than there are dieters. That’s because it’s branded “You” Inc. Now everyone can be an “expert.” And then we spent months hitting the offline approach to network marketing. Now, lo and behold, I hear what we should do offline and online together. Do I smell a new product being launched? Can you say… “affiliate commission”?

Truth be told, both online and offline work. Find what works with your style and personality and work on it. Most do not fail due to poor systems and techniques. Most fail because they never actually start. You must commit to learning how to build your business effectively.

As a consumer, just tell me up front, so I can be an informed shopper. So you max out the credit cards and are more confused and overwhelmed now than when you first signed up for your free (or nearly free) trial. I just don’t want to feel like I’m still throwing my money down what seems like a bottomless pit.

People are fighting. Many are desperate. Unfortunately, people get gullible when it looks like they’re about to lose the farm, so they accept the promise without understanding the fine print.

Good writing also influences this vulnerability. Greed and dishonesty also play a role. Interesting…these were two of the causes of the economic crisis. It’s time for compassionate capitalism and copyrights that sell but still expose the facts.

Look… I believe that to be successful in network marketing on the Internet, you need to know several ways to build a list. I also think that because people are desperately looking for additional income, we should break things down a little better for newbie (not in earnings mode), intermediate (earning profits, but not yet 4 figures), and then advanced (earning enough reinvest money in your business and pay a bill or three).

You, as a budding consumer and entrepreneur, must work on yourself through personal development so that you can grow, believe in yourself and make the right decisions. Books, seminars, giving, and having quality relationships are great ways to help you grow.

If you’re procrastinating and just want to “try” network marketing, good luck. I promise you that you will fail no matter how good the company or the training is. “Prove” is not a strong enough commitment. It won’t give you a thrill strong enough to get you through the ups and downs that come with any endeavor.

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