Bodyweight burn review: does it work?

If you’ve been trying to lose weight and improve your fitness levels, you may have come across advertisements for Bodyweight Burn, a weight loss and fitness program from health and fitness expert Adam Steer, and you may have you may have wondered what it is about. If so, here’s a breakdown of what the program entails so you can decide if the Bodyweight Burn plan might work for you.

The Bodyweight Burn plan provides you with a workout plan and diet plan that are designed to help you lose weight by exercising for just 21 minutes a day and without the need to go to a gym or use any special equipment.

The workouts, which are based on 21-minute sessions, are divided into three types, called cardioflow, postburners, and metabolic muscle sessions, each of which are proven weight loss techniques.


The equation for losing weight is very simple; You need to burn more calories than you consume, so cardio that elevates your heart rate should be part of any good weight loss program. In this case, the focus is on interval training, which has been shown to be more effective than things like jogging. Cardiflow is a series of exercises that flow from one to the other and the routine is designed to give you all the benefits of cardio, without the long recovery time you would experience after something like a long run.


Afterburner sessions are designed to boost your metabolism and keep your metabolic rate high long after the session is over. That will mean that you will burn more calories after the session just by following your normal daily routine.

Metabolic muscle sessions

Metabolic-Muscle sessions are muscle building exercises, but they do not involve lifting weights and are not designed to leave you looking like a bodybuilder. What it is designed to do is tone muscles and increase muscle mass. This is useful in weight loss plans, because it takes a lot of calories to build and maintain muscle mass.

Nutritional plan

In addition to the training manuals and training videos that come with the Bodyweight Burn plan, you also get a nutrition plan to follow, which includes information on the right and wrong types of foods to eat when trying to lose weight.

Would Bodyweight Burn Work For You?

Despite some of the outlandish claims of some weight loss plans, there is no easy way to lose weight. Weight loss occurs when you exercise, eat a healthy diet, and burn more calories than you consume. What is quite refreshing about this weight loss plan is that it does not claim to be a shortcut to weight loss. Instead, it’s a series of exercise routines, based on proven concepts, that are designed to be followed at home for just 21 minutes a day.

A combination of cardio, muscle-building, and metabolism-boosting exercises will help you lose weight if you’re also following a healthy, low-calorie diet, but you’ll have to push yourself to see any real weight loss with Bodyweight Burn. .

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