Bulk up quickly by eating 400g of protein on workout days – only for serious trainers!

Food on a muscle building training day is incredibly important if you want to see results. It is recommended to eat at least 250g of protein on a weight lifting day. I’m going to go further and tell you which foods will help you achieve 400g of protein in one training day. If you do this twice a week on a training day, you can expect to see results very, very fast.

400g is a large amount of protein that will probably only be able to be consumed after about a month of allowing your body to get used to taking in large amounts of protein on a daily basis. These are some of the foods and techniques that will help you reach the sacred “400 in one day.”

It is important to note that due to the unusual levels of food consumed in a day, you should only eat what you are comfortable eating and NEVER force food. This is simply a recommended guideline on how to achieve 400g of protein in a day and should be adjusted for your size and height.

Protein shake

You will need to have about 4 shakes during the day, 3 small shakes with a protein content of about 30g and a large post-workout shake that has about 50-60g of protein. This shake should be taken as soon as possible after you have finished training.

Large post-workout meal

After your shake you should have a high protein meal, consisting only of protein, here you are aiming for 100g of protein. The 2 easiest foods to make without spending a fortune are whole chicken or canned tuna. Tuna is very rich in lean protein, you are looking for around 4 cans of tuna to complete the 100 g.

Between sandwiches

Eat high-protein snacks, such as dried almonds and walnuts, between meals or shakes.


Implement the use of eggs in your diet to get the maximum benefit from high-protein foods. Eat 4-6 eggs in the morning along with a glass of milk. On training days, eat a carbohydrate-rich breakfast.

4 meals

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are the 3 main meals that people have every day. But for your high calorie training program, you should implement a fourth meal to compensate for the extra protein intake. The best time to place this is around 9 o’clock.

If you manage to hit 400g in one day, twice a week, you will soon be able to achieve significant muscle gain while using a proven muscle building system.

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