Can you buff a scratch off a car window or windshield?

Can a scratch be removed from car glass? Yes, some can be removed!

However, each scratch on a piece of glass is very different. The depth and length will determine what result can be achieved by removing it.

Let’s first discuss which piece of glass in a vehicle should be a candidate for scratch removal. Any part except the windshield is fine.. I do not recommend trying to buff out deep scratches from a windshield ever. If the scratches are extremely light and the depth is very shallow, maybe you can give it a try. But the windshield is different. The windshield is what we constantly look at, so we need it to be free of defects.

A scratch is actually an area where the glass has been removed by contact with a foreign object. It also makes the carved area no longer transparent. When trying to remove a scratch, the goal is to reduce the depth of the glass around the scratch to the depth at the bottom of the scratch to smooth out the area. Imagine the Grand Canyon. It’s like walking down the canyon cliff walls to the Colorado River.

Unfortunately, the side effect of this is that the area is now a depression in the glass. Looking through the finished area will show visual distortion like looking through faulty reading glasses.

That’s why I recommend never remove scratches from a windshield. You are changing the shape of the glass and distortions will be created. These distortions can make you sick or even lead to a car accident. You’re better off just dealing with the scratches until you can replace the windshield.

As for the other glass pieces in a vehicle, I’d say go for it. Especially if you don’t have the money to replace an entire piece of glass. We hardly ever look through the other parts compared to our windshield, so I’d even try it on my own car.

The thing to remember with scratch removal is not to expect perfection, especially if the scratches are extremely deep. Moderate to light scratches can be removed, although the final result will not be known until the process is complete.

You can try to repair scratches yourself by trying different types of automotive polishes that are safe to use on glass. If the scratches don’t seem deep, use a little force on your elbow and you may be able to remove them yourself. I have used Mother’s Aluminum Polish to remove scratches and things like water spots. But if you need more power, such as a buffer, then that’s when we need to call in a professional. You could easily end up putting a huge visual flaw in your glass!

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