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The Social Security Dilemma: When to Start Looking for Ways to Increase Lifetime Benefits?

Social Security offers one of the best forms of retirement income: a tax-advantaged source of income that lasts a beneficiary’s lifetime with inflation protection and survivor benefits. For most people, benefits provide about 30-35% of pre-retirement income. In an uncertain world with fewer covered by pensions, dwindling 401(k) balances, and possibly less job income due […]

The main reasons for outsourcing

According to a survey conducted around the world, IT companies hold the top position outperforming any other type of business in outsourcing. In addition, many reports in Computer Weekly magazine state that outsourcing is increasing at a rate of 5.9 percent per year in IT companies and continues to rise. This is the scenario in […]

How Carbon Credits Are Priced

Carbon Credits Are Priced Whether you are new to the carbon credit trading industry or an experienced professional, you will find that there are numerous factors that affect the price of carbon credits. For instance, how you value your project, the type of project you are implementing, the year of the offset, the country of […]

Benefits of being your own boss

For many, “the American Dream” is more than just living with your friends/family on a free land and owning your own home. While they value those elements as much as anyone, for them the pinnacle of achieving that dream is “being their own boss” and sailing the broad waters of America’s free market economy as […]

The definition of green

The word “Green” is not the omniterm for anything environmental although there is a tendency to substitute the word “Green” for “Environmental”. Environmentalism is a broad topic that has several subdivisions. Under this great theme of environmentalism, we will find Green, Sustainable, Pollution and Conservation. Each of these subdivisions are a huge subject on their […]

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