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Top Five Keyword Research Tools

SEO or search engine optimization is all about keyword research and finding the optimal keywords for search engines to place your web pages in front of your potential customers. Assuming you have a quality product and are providing quality content to those who subsequently visit your site, by following this quick guide you should be […]

Fat and Slow Verses Lean and Agile Business Structure: Who Will Win? You will be amazed

For years, companies have been trying to create the right balance between a robust and agile organization. During the 1970s, companies multiplied their own infrastructure each time they expanded into international markets, but left strategic decision-making to headquarters management alone. This organizational structure made the company cumbersome and not as agile. Today, the structure of […]

SEO Tips and Tricks: Popular SEO Tools

Search engine optimization specialists will likely advise you on effective tools to facilitate your optimization. Fortunately, the Internet is home to thousands of tools that will solve the problem areas of your website. The following are specific tools and SEO specialists commonly used and visited by many webmasters. Google Analytics – This is an easy-to-use […]

How to become a photographer 1

Indeed, many professionals in the photography business have a photography degree from one of the different photography schools, art schools with a major in photography, or press photographers training at journalism schools, etc. Programs such as professional photography, digital photography, mass communication, and graphic design are among the offerings at colleges and universities to obtain […]

Madhubani: the capital of art

Madhubani’s paintings originate from the Mithila region of Nepal and India. Mostly practiced by village women to decorate their mud huts during festive occasions. Art has been changing since the old days and today painting has been done on canvas, canvas and paper. As time passes, the painting begins to become a piece of joy […]

The 8 touchstones of marketing

Regardless of your definition of marketing, there is a process associated with marketing your business, products, and services. This process or plan should be framed as one or more goals (I prefer SMART goals), underlined by one or more strategies (a defining policy or action statement). These strategies are then accomplished through the use of […]

What is a relationship mission statement?

RELATIONSHIP VISION Aligning values ​​in relationships is a good thing to do intentionally. Think about how most people go through their relationships. Does one person give up important values ​​for the other? Is there conflict in the relationship? These things usually happen when values ​​and beliefs are not discussed and they do not align with […]

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