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surviving death

As of October 2016, he was up (again) to 386 pounds. The decades of abuse I had given myself culminated in the revelation that I was at the lowest point in my life and needed to make a change or things would turn ugly. I made the difficult decision to have a vertical sleeve gastrectomy […]

Building the perfect male body

Let’s face it, you’ll never see big bodybuilders starring in Hollywood action movies anymore. This is because this look is ‘trying hard’ and is not considered desirable for women. Today’s action stars are slimmer but still muscular. They have a GQ style where they look great with suits and fancy clothes because they are not […]

benefits of walking

Walking is one of the simplest forms of exercise that makes you healthier, helps you lose weight, and makes you more active. The main benefit of walking is that anyone can do it at any age and fitness level. It’s also good for your heart, your head, and your wallet, since you don’t need anything […]

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