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Is your house full of ants?

Easy tips to get rid of all kinds of ants Simple methods to get rid of different types of ants from your house Ants are a problem that many people have. There is nothing more disturbing, annoying or embarrassing than having ants in your home. Also, there are several different species of ants that can […]

Information about kitchen materials and what they mean for a kitchen installer

With the increasing number of interior design programs coming to light, no doubt inspired by Kevin McCloud’s ‘Grand Designs’, more and more members of the public are beginning to imagine themselves as designers. Fresh perspectives and creativity are great things for designing living spaces, but what many self-styled designers tend to lack is formal training […]

If weather: What adverse conditions could affect vinyl car window stickers and decals?

LAST UPDATE ON: October 29, 2018Question: Will the rear window defroster affect the rear window decal? it shouldn’t Most car or truck rear window decals have an acrylic adhesive that must withstand temperatures up to 180ºF (82ºC). If the rear window defroster is working normally, it will probably never get anywhere near that temperature. Question: […]

Why are stainless steel countertops used in restaurants and homes around the world?

10 Reasons Why Stainless Steel Countertops Will Give Your Home And/Or Restaurant Great Benefits Along With The Following: Resistant and durable to almost everything. This countertop does not stain! You no longer have to fear beets, acids, wine or food colouring. The stainless steel counters make it perfect for families with young children who love […]

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