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How Does Company Size Impact Severance Pay?

Company Size Impact Severance Pay Severance pay isn’t required by law, but companies often offer it to mitigate potential legal risks stemming from wrongful termination lawsuits. They may also wish to defuse difficult feelings among departing employees and help them find new jobs as they transition out the door. The amount a company offers depends […]

Compassionate Remedies For Employees

Compassionate Remedies An employee can sue their employer for constructive dismissal or wrongful termination, if it is proven that the employer breached state or federal employment laws. An experienced Toronto constructive dismissal lawyer can help an individual file a lawsuit in Small Claims Court or Superior Court depending on the amount of damages sought. A […]

Top 8 Challenges Accident Injury Lawyers Are Facing Today

Challenges Accident Injury Lawyers Are Facing Today The practice of law can be labor-intensive in terms of research, document preparation, third-party communications, and legwork. Many solo and small practice accident injury attorneys do not have the time or resources to handle these responsibilities. Bringing in additional support can be costly in terms of salary, benefits, […]

Accident Claims

If you are the victim of any type of accident, such as a construction accident or a car accident, you should file a claim to get a good financial settlement. In such cases, you should not only file a claim for the accident alone, but you should also file a claim for the relevant losses, […]

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