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Alzheimer’s Whisperer – 5 Keys

The Alzheimer’s Whisperer has the unique ability to communicate, care for, and comfort a person with Alzheimer’s while preserving their own well-being. First it was The Horse Whisperer, then The Dog Whisperer and The Ghost Whisperer. I wonder when we’ll see The Cat Whisperer. While waiting, I met a unique individual in the world of […]

bichon frize dog

Description: This is a small dog that stands between 9 and 12 inches in height, with bitches being a bit smaller. Its weight is from 7 to 12 pounds. This robust but small dog looks like a ball of fluff. When cut to the breed standard it looks round, this may be in a puppy […]

How to combat diet traps

We’ve all been there: We need to lose weight quickly to put on a new dress or impress a new love interest, or because our doctor told us we need to control our weight. Looking for a way to lose weight, we opted for a weight loss program with amazing results in just one week: […]

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