Category: Real Estate

5 needs of a quality real estate agent

Since, for most people, the value of their home represents their greatest financial asset, doesn’t it make sense to do your homework and carefully interview, select and hire the real estate agent who might be the best? , serve and represent his best interests? Rather than simply basing one’s selection on friendships, something about someone’s […]

Home Based Franchises

Is the home-based franchise for you? Do you want to be a home business owner but cringe at the thought of starting from scratch? Possibly a home based franchise is your answer. A Franchise is a business in which “…the franchisor, the owner and developer of the franchise system, grants licenses [you] franchisees to use […]

Outsourcing vs. Captive operations: which model is the most suitable for your company?

While the feasibility of using offshore/nearshore resources for the delivery of certain business activities or processes has already been established, the long-term strategic feasibility and appropriateness of various engagement models are still under scrutiny. The most common approaches today are to work with a third-party outsourcing provider or to set up captive operations in lower-cost […]

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