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Homeschool your child for free

Home schooling my child for free? You have to be kidding me, right? But what if he wasn’t kidding? What if you could draw resources from other areas and really spend little or no money and still give my children an amazing education? Does that pique your curiosity? Sound too good to be true? In […]

What are the stages of reading development?

What are the stages of reading development? The development of reading can be divided into two main stages: learning to read and reading to learn. Learning to read involves mastering the sound structure of spoken language, understanding the alphabetic principle, decoding words, and acquiring fluency. Once they begin to become fluent, the cognitive demands of […]

Organization of meals for moms

Everyone knows the feeling of being hungry without having a clue what to prepare for dinner. You feel scattered, stressed and “hungry” at the same time, what a bummer. Instead, spend half an hour planning your week’s meals to lower your food bill, feed your family healthier meals, save tons of time on prep, and […]

The story of April Fools’ Day

In some countries, April Fools jokes must be made before noon on April 1, otherwise it is the joker who becomes April Fool. Origin The origin of the customs of the day is shrouded in mystery. Some believe that it is likely a relic of the festivities that are celebrated to mark the vernal equinox. […]

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