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The evolution of billiard cues

At first Many people think that the game of billiards began in the Middle Ages. Billiards was originally played outdoors on grass. It developed from a lawn game similar to croquet that is played in northern Europe. People started playing indoors and used a green surface to give the feel of grass. A border was […]

Large binoculars for viewing NASCAR events

So what is important to NASCAR / Motorsport binoculars? In many ways, binoculars for NASCAR or Motorposrt can be very similar to other sporting events. However, the difference is that Motorsport spectators tend to find themselves in very hot, humid and crowded environments, more so than at other sporting events. You only need to watch […]

How to get with a cougar

If you are wondering how to get on a date and are looking to date an older woman, also called cougars, then you need to learn how to date a cougar. The cougar looks better with age. This is partly due to science and his obsession with physical fitness. It’s amazing how many women in […]

TikTok Marketing 101

When pop sensation Taylor Swift released her single “Me” in April 2019, the tune instantly went viral. Includes Brenden Urie from Stress! In The Disco and the Music, the film is between the two dancing and singing in a kaleidoscope of light colors. Shortly after the release, Swift’s TikTok accounts posted a clip on the […]

Kickers are rare

I was a sports broadcaster for 35 years, mainly covering the National Football League. I learned many things in that time, but one thing stands out and I am going to share it with you now: Kickers are rare Go back and read it again, several times. I put it in big letters for a […]

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