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How to buy an MP3 player

Looking for an MP3 player but not sure which type and model to buy? There is a wide variety of MP3 players, from flash memory based players to hard drive based players. Choosing a good player in the market is not an easy task. What features should you look for? What are the key considerations? […]

The reality of reality

People who have been on reality shows have said that they are actually heavily influenced by the producers and heavily edited by the staff. Right now, I’m sitting at a table in Colorado Springs and looking at Pikes Peak on a sunny morning. Its beautiful. I have been traveling and taking advantage of the hospitality […]

Influence of film noir on The Virgin Suicides

Teenage suicide was not unknown before the 1990s, but its increasing cases during this period led people to recognize the problem. Schools even began posting materials to educate students and parents about the phenomenon. the virgin suicides addresses this sensitive issue head-on. Sofia Coppola combines elements of her own style with those of classic film […]

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