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Beginner Martial Arts Palm Strikes

I often start beginning students with palm strikes. This is an especially good technique if you are experiencing hitting frustrations. If your punch isn’t strong enough, if it’s not fast enough, then taking the following steps could be the answer. Palm strokes for beginners It is easier to position your hands precisely for an open […]

Retrophilia – The love of all things retro

The word “retro” implies that something is old-fashioned, timeless, or classic. The word itself is Latin, it is used as a prefix and means ‘backwards’ or ‘in the past’. This application can be seen in words like “retrospective” which means a nostalgic view of the past and “retrograde” refers to a movement towards the past […]

Amazon, king of disruptors

AN INTRODUCTION When it comes to disruptive technology, there is one company that reigns supreme. Amazon ($ AMZN). Amazon and its pioneering founder and CEO Jeff Bezos are responsible for disrupting more industries than I can count on my hands, and they keep going. In this article, I’m going to explain what makes Amazon such […]

4 apps that are improving the retail business

With each passing day, technology advances and leaves various impacts on the various business sectors. The field of retail is no exception. Retailers are showing great interest in adopting enhanced tools like VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) so that they can exchange engaging and amazing experiences that would take the level of interaction […]

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