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What to expect from a luxury hotel

Hotel guests who pay high rates certainly have a right to expect luxury hotel standards, in rooms, in service, in food, and in everything else that a fine hotel has to offer. Things that luxury hotels should offer Smart, easy and respectful planning – Booking should not be complicated. In other words, the reservation process […]

mae hong son

Mae Hong Son is located in the very remote and beautiful Northwest of Thailand. It can be reached from Chiang Mai from a northern route through Pai or a southern route through Mae Sariang. Both routes provide stunning scenery and the opportunity to see parts of Burma, Shan Tows, mountain people, many natural features such […]

West Coast Trail – Chez Monique

The West Coast Trail has many great places to stop and enjoy. Chez Monique meets east and west, right on the beach along the trail. This is a unique stop, offering some of the most missed things on this multi-day hiking adventure. The 77km of rugged West Coast Trail provides little relief from grueling days […]

Splake are just splaknificent

This article is one of a series of articles on catching the twenty species of trout in North America. The Splake is a different and unique fish that is probably the first hybrid trout ever produced. Splake is one of the first hybrids to be raised in hatcheries in the United States and introduced throughout […]

Holidays in Barbados with children – 5 things to do

Vacations in Barbados are rich in cultural and visual delights, from the pristine underwater world to lush hillsides, historic churches, spectacular plantations and, of course, the beaches. Barbados is a great island to vacation with kids. Safe beaches, particularly along the west coast, and numerous activities and attractions make vacations enjoyable for the whole family. […]

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