Desktop Publishing and the Kindle Platform

In this article, you’ll learn how to use the Kindle platform to sell your books. Kindle is one of the best publishing platforms for all kinds of books. If you want to publish your own books using this great platform, read on.

prepare file

This is the first part of the publication of his work. Here, you need to make sure that you have the correct file format. Amazon supports a wide range of formats, but these are the best:

Mobi: This format supports indexing, compression, navigation controls, and other complex features.

· HTML: This format is based on HTML (ie Hypertext Markup Language).

DOC/DOCX – This is the standard format for MS Word.

ePub – This format is supported by almost all types of eBook readers.

Important note: Amazon supports materials that rely on illustrations, such as children’s books. To learn more about the tools you’ll need for this format, visit the Amazon KDP help page.


You can upload your file as is using the “Upload” button on your Kindle Dashboard web page. However, this is not your best option if your book has a complex structure. If you need help formatting your work, you can take advantage of conversion services offered by professionals.

Some of the best service providers are:

lapis lazuli



new generation


publish the book

Now that your file is ready, it’s time to provide your book details. Enter the book title, author name, categories, keywords, and other information that Amazon’s system may require.

cover maker

Use the tool called “Cover Creator” to create a cover for your book. This option is great if you know a thing or two about design. If you already have a cover image, simply upload it to the system.

Important note: don’t worry if you lack design skills. There are many people who can create book covers for you. For example, you can visit and/or for affordable cover designs.

The price

Set the price of your book and choose a royalty percentage. The percentage you select will affect the amount of money you will earn from each sale. The 70% royalty option offers higher revenue per transaction, but you will have to pay a “distribution fee”. Also, this royalty option is not available to everyone. The 30% option (ie the default), on the other hand, avoids extra charges.

Your dashboard will show you detailed information about the performance of your eBook. Use those reports to monitor your book’s performance and count the royalties you’ve earned.

promote your book will market your book as soon as it is published. Your book will appear on the computer screen of potential customers. However, you cannot rely on this “automated marketing” alone. You also need to do certain things.

For example, you need to upload trailers for your book. You can create one or more videos to introduce your new book, and then upload the videos to the Author Pages section of your Amazon account.

You should also ask your readers to give reviews. Positive reviews attract more readers. Finally, choose an attractive cover for your book. The cover serves as a powerful marketing tool. It can attract or repel potential readers, so make sure you pick the most relevant one.

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