Facts Every Lawyer Should Know About Hispanic Marketing

Hispanics continue to be one of the fastest growing population segments. As a result, Latino communities in the United States have a growing need for legal representation.

Consider these facts:

1. 75% of Latinos speak Spanish at home

While approximately 44% of Hispanics report conducting their online searches in English, more than half of them said they still prefer to do business with companies that offer their services in Spanish, even if they don’t require it.

2. Hispanics are the largest users of mobile devices

Whether they broadcast, text, or search online, Hispanics report nearly 10.5 hours per week of smartphone use, compared to the overall average of 8.4 hours for other ethnic groups.

3. Hispanics are the largest users of social media platforms.

Current reports suggest that 75% of Latinos use social media for entertainment and research compared to 68% of the remaining ethnic groups; spend approximately 7 hours a day accessing the different social platforms.

Are you doing enough to effectively market your law firm to the Hispanic community?

Here are some ways to attract and develop a relationship with Latinos and Hispanics in your market:

1. Advertise on local platforms in Spanish

Local radio channels, billboards, bus stops, local magazines, and newspapers are still ways to keep your name and face in front of your local community. Ads that are bilingual, or completely in Spanish, will earn the trust of local Hispanics as a professional who will greet them and speak to them in the most comfortable language without fear of judgment.

2. Participation of the Latino community

Especially in larger urban areas, more and more cultural groups are organizing street festivals and fundraisers. Be part of the events. Sponsor a booth or lunch. Talk to the people around you. They may not need legal services at this time, but they will remember that you were there and took the time to speak.

3. Your website is your 24-hour law firm

Including “Se Habla EspaƱol” on your website is not enough. If you are a Spanish-speaking attorney, or if you have staff that can help you with translation, then market yourself to Spanish. Have an entire section or a complete website dedicated to offering your legal services in Spanish.

Mobile-friendly designs are important. Since statistics point to Hispanics using their mobile devices at a higher rate than non-Hispanics, it is imperative that your website is auto-formatted to adapt to any device automatically.

Hispanic marketing companies like MediaDvine.com offer website services, translation services, and original content writing to help you with your website needs.

4. Drive traffic to your legal practice

There are some online legal directories that greatly optimize Spanish and bilingual searches that are trusted within Hispanic communities across the country, such as SeHablaLaw.com and AbogadosLegal.com. Building links from premium sites will help your SEO efforts.

For more than a decade, search engines have relied heavily on links to measure domain popularity and authority. The backlinks of the relevant domains are considered votes and importance. Search engines use algorithms and link data to evaluate websites as well as individual pages based on this information.

Before you buy an online marketing campaign or join all the bilingual networks available, ask yourself: How long have they been in business? Do you offer any guarantee? Do they link to my website? Do you offer fair and competitive prices? Do they saturate the market? Will my listing appear in a long list of attorneys?

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