Halo 4 Spartan Ops, simple tips to beat Spartan Ops on Legendary

Spartan Ops vs. Campaign

Spartan Ops is a continuation of the Halo 4 campaign and takes place approximately 6 months after the end of the story. Just like in the campaign, you and up to 3 teammates battle against Covenant and Promethean enemies to complete objectives and progress the story. However, unlike the campaign, you play as your Spartan IV character and earn XP, which allows you to level up. Spartan Ops is therefore very similar to Firefight from previous Halo games, and is often considered a replacement.

Although Spartan Ops is very similar to the campaign, there are a few key differences that you should be aware of when playing the game. The main differences are the following:

1. You can use your loadouts from Spartan IV, which means you can develop your own loadout to match your play style. These are the same loadouts you use in War Games.

2. When you die, the game doesn’t go back to the last checkpoint; rather, you respawn in a far corner of the map. When you respawn, the game doesn’t change in any way (just like in War Games), which means that all the enemies you killed in your previous life will stay dead. You can’t choose your spawn point, so you often spawn in a poor location.

3. Especially in the later missions, you will encounter much larger groups of enemies than in the campaign. It is quite common to find multiple Promethean Commanders in the same room, or to find more than 20 Grunts in a group.

4. In general, enemies are much more aggressive in Spartan Ops. In the campaign, enemies often shoot at you from a distance or creep towards you in small groups. In Spartan Ops, large groups of up to 10 elites can rush your position at the same time, which can be very overwhelming.

5. You get XP points by playing Spartan Ops and progress through Spartan Ops recommendations. This means you can level up your Spartan IV, allowing you to unlock new weapons and items for both Spartan Ops and War Games.

6. Spartan Ops missions are shorter than campaign missions. In general, the first missions last between 10 and 15 minutes, and the later ones between 20 and 25 minutes. There are a total of 50 Spartan Ops missions, making it much longer than the campaign.


Because you can choose your own loadout in Spartan Ops, it’s very important that you make the most of it and build the best possible loadout for multiple situations. I strongly suggest you make two loadouts that you use solely for Spartan Ops: one to fight Prometheans and one to fight Covenant. When you start playing, you will have very few weapons and items available. Once you play a few games in Spartan Ops or War Games, you will level up your Spartan IV and unlock new gear. I suggest you craft the following loadouts as soon as you unlock all the required gear (you’ll have most of these items available before level 10):

Pact Equipment:

– Main Weapon: Carbine

– Secondary Weapon: Plasma Gun

– Grenade: Plasma Grenade

– Armor Skill: Promethean Visions

– Perk 1: Armor Skill Regeneration

– Perk 2: Extra Ammo

In my opinion, this equipment is the best possible equipment to fight against the enemies of the Covenant. However, feel free to customize it to your own personal play style. The Carbine is the fastest firing headshot weapon with the largest magazine, so you can use it to easily kill Grunts and Jackals with headshots. You can supercharge the plasma pistol to stun and lift vehicles and also to remove Elite shields, allowing you to kill them with a carbine shot to the head. Promethean Vision is especially useful in Spartan Ops because it will help you get headshots and see enemies before they see you. It will also provide you with an early warning when enemies attack you. Plasma Grenades are the best grenades for Spartan Ops because they deal the most damage and stick to their target. This is especially useful if you play Legendary. For Perk 2, it is very important that you choose additional ammo so you don’t have to search for new weapons. This perk also gives you more plasma pistol energy. It’s not very important what you pick for Perk 1, but I personally prefer Armor Ability Regeneration.

Promethean Equipment:

– Primary Weapon: Battle Rifle

– Secondary Weapon: Plasma Gun

– Grenade: Plasma Grenade

– Armor Skill: Promethean Visions

– Perk 1: Armor Skill Regeneration

– Perk 2: Extra Ammo

As you can see, I only change the main weapon for Promethean Loadout. It’s important to use the Battle Rifle instead of the Carbine against the Prometheans because it deals the most damage of all headshot weapons. This makes it much easier to kill observers, allowing you to kill them in just 3-5 shots on Legendary. Because the Battle Rifle fires 3-shot bursts, it’s easier to headshot with it, making it easier to hit the Prometheus Knights’ small heads. With this loadout, you can kill Crawlers with Battle Rifle headshots, Vigilantes with 3-5 Battle Rifle shots, and Knight with a Supercharged Plasma Pistol and a Battle Rifle headshot.

Tips and Strategies

1. Both the battle rifle and carbine are highly accurate and have 2x scopes. Be sure to use this to your advantage by taking out light infantry from a distance with headshots rather than engaging them up close.

2. If you have any UNSC weapon (other than a Rocket Launcher or Spartan Laser) equipped, you will get full ammo if you touch a UNSC crate. So keep an eye out for UNSC crates if you’re using the Promethean loadout, as you can use them to reload your battle rifle.

3. Watch for weapons on the map. Each mission is packed with weapon crates filled with high-powered weapons. Swap out your plasma pistol for some kind of rocket launcher or other high-powered weapon when fighting hunters, vehicles, or many elites or knights at once. You may also want to swap out your plasma pistol for a SAW when fighting knights.

4. On outdoor maps, there are often unoccupied vehicles available. While I suggest you don’t use ghosts or mongooses, I do suggest using available mantises, scorpions, or specters. If you play cooperatively with a friend, you can also use Warthogs.

5. If you don’t already have a vehicle, consider hijacking enemy Wraiths instead of destroying them. Kill all the enemies around the Wraith and then use it with your plasma gun. Enter the Wraith’s turret and the driver will pop out, allowing you to take control of the Wraith.

6. When fighting knights up close, consider taking their shields off with a plasma pistol and killing them with a plasma grenade. This is usually much easier than the plasma pistol and headshot method, as the knights have small helmets and heads. When fighting Covenant, save your plasma grenades for the hunters.

7. When fighting hunters on foot, try looking for heavy weapons, like some kind of rocket launcher or a Spartan laser. If you can’t find any, weaken the hunters with plasma grenades and take them out with a shotgun or fully automatic rifle (such as SAW, Assault Rifle or Suppressor). Make sure to target his weak spots on his back.

8. In some situations, you will need sixteen in an area filled with a large number of Elites or Knights. When doing so, don’t rush; you will be overwhelmed and will most likely die before you can kill any of them. Rather, take out all the light infantry from a distance with your headshot weapon, then slowly approach the area. When you see an Elite or Knight away from their allies, take them out with a plasma pistol and headshot combination. Continue picking off stragglers around the area until there’s a much more manageable amount of enemies left. Whenever possible, avoid engaging many Elites or Knights at once, because after removing an enemy’s shield, they will retreat and the others will provide covering fire until their shields regenerate.

9. In certain missions, a large group of enemies (usually elites) will charge at you. Unlike the campaign, they won’t approach you one at a time; instead, they will try to overrun your position by charging in a single wave. Take cover in a good choke point, like a door, so you can fight them off one at a time. If you feel like they’re going to overrun you, go back the way you came and try to hold them at another choke point. Repeat this process until only a few Elite remain.

10. There is no safe spawn system in Spartan Ops. This means that you could respawn right next to a group of enemies. If this happens, enemies will most likely not notice you until you fire, so try to sneak to a safe distance before engaging them.

11. Throughout Spartan Ops, Miller and Commander Palmer often make believe that you have to do something fast. However, this is almost always a plot device; there is normally no time limit to complete an objective. The only exception to this is when you need to defend a target that has a health bar. In these situations, you will lose if the target dies, so make sure you protect them.

12. If you’re having trouble with a mission, try playing it with friends. Levels don’t get harder with more people, and having more people to draw fire from enemies is always helpful, no matter how bad they are.

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