How long before milk thistle works for skin

Let’s be honest. If you’re wondering how long before milk thistle works, you might think that the silymarin in it is a quick cure. Use it once and the body will be better. That is not necessarily the case.

If you were battling a viral infection, common cold, or flu virus, silymarin supports your immune system and could speed your recovery. Cold symptoms can last up to three weeks, but most people can fight off the bugs in 7 to 10 days without help.

Chronic viral infections, such as hepatitis C, are conditions for which silymarin is often recommended. Prescription drugs are mostly ineffective against viruses. Therefore, alternative solutions are necessary.

Alternative physicians may recommend the dietary supplement for inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis or intestinal inflammation, but there are more effective natural anti-inflammatories. Conventional doctors generally stick to anti-inflammatory drugs, due to their proven effectiveness.

The biggest problem with anti-inflammatory drugs and other prescription drugs is that they are harmful to the liver. Most over-the-counter and prescription pain relievers now carry warnings about the possibility of liver damage, with long-term use.

Silymarin is known to support liver function and health. It is now recommended to help protect the liver from toxic drugs. But how long before milk thistle works to protect or heal the liver?

In one study, workers exposed to toluene and other toxic substances received a concentrated silymarin extract for four weeks. There was a significant improvement in liver function tests after that test period. The researchers recommended that workers continue to take the supplement as long as they continued to be exposed to the toxin.

Due to the benefits to the liver, silymarin is sometimes recommended as a hangover remedy. It is also an ingredient in some energy drinks on the market. How long before milk thistle works for hangover relief?

There is not much scientific information to support the use of botany for that purpose. Whether or not a person’s energy level will improve remains to be seen. The effect is likely to vary from person to person.

Other factors that can affect the time before milk thistle works include a person’s general health and nutritional intake. A person who eats well and gets good nutritional support from dietary supplements should see results quickly. It may take a little longer for someone who is in poor health, eats poor food, or is undernourished.

The speed of recovery will also depend on the quality of the supplement that is being taken. If it is a concentrated extract, it will work faster than ground seeds. The silymarin strength should be listed on the ingredient label.

To have a healthier liver, it is important to avoid things that are toxic to you. It will help to avoid foods that contain chemical additives and skin care products that contain synthetic ingredients.

So how long before milk thistle works to improve the appearance of skin? Although the anti-inflammatory activity is beneficial for many skin conditions, you also need to use good skin care products if you want to see results.

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