How to Ship Your Used Panties

Ship Your Used Panties

If you want to sell used panties, you must know how to ship them correctly and safely. There are some tips to follow, but most of all, you need to pay attention to your privacy. Do not use your real address as the return address of your envelopes. Instead, use your panties seller nickname and a nearby town. The reason for this is because post office employees may stamp the envelope with your location. That is why it’s best to ship your panties from towns that are far away from your own or have a different post code area.

Always choose a different city or zip code to ship your used panties. If possible, use a PO box service. Royal Mail and other companies, such as Mail Boxes Etc. and Expost, offer this service. Regardless of the service you choose, you must use extreme discretion when shipping your used panties. When shipping your used panties, choose plain manila envelopes that are well-padded and contain plenty of bubble wrap. Make sure to tape down the edges and secure the envelope with plenty of tape.

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Pricing is another important factor to consider when shipping your used panties. The average person who buys used panties rarely pays more than $10 for a pair, and men rarely buy used panties for that price. However, you can offset your loss by charging a higher price than the average. Make sure you’re honest about your prices before you start listing your used panties for sale, and never be afraid to change your prices if they increase in demand.

How to Ship Your Used Panties

Once you’ve chosen a place to sell your used panties, you can start promoting your shop online. Post ads in other sites. Try contacting people who have purchased your panties in the past. This will bring you more customers. You can even make some new ones. This will also keep your business afloat. It’s important to remember that the process is not as complicated as it sounds. And most of all, you can use your time wisely.

One tip that many sellers use to sell their used panties is to keep them as dry as possible. The last thing you want is to send your used panties smelling like a stenchy smelly place. When shipping used panties, you should use ziploc bags with a seal to keep out the smell. If your panties are wet, you can also use ziplock bags to seal them. This way, you can ensure that no one will be able to smell them, even if the buyer opens them.

You can also post on Facebook groups. While some people prefer meeting in person, others may prefer shipping their used panties. You may want to consider Facebook groups, which allow users to congregate and talk about the same interests. You can also find some groups dedicated to selling used panties, like the one on Pantydeal. You may find buyers in your area, but you can’t make sure which ones will buy your used panties without a personal contact.

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