How to Start Your Own Gift Basket Consignment Business

You can be your own boss and still make a lot of money in the gift basket business. One particular business that is very successful and has many employees is a gift basket operator business that helps other businesses grow. For example, a company buys a basket from you to send to another company, as a thank you for doing business with it. The basket will really stand out, because it is so rare.

Each basket can hold a giant bottle of alcohol, soda, or any giant-sized item that stands out. Some bottles can be up to 2 feet tall to make them stand out, surrounded by other business trinkets that a whole group of people would enjoy. You could include enough drinks and food for someone to really know that they want to say thank you, and the place where the basket is obtained could have a good party. For companies like law firms, medical offices, real estate firms, etc., or whatever you need to excel at, you wouldn’t mind paying from several hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars for some pretty fancy gift baskets! Who wouldn’t love to receive such a large gift basket!

You could make themed slippers, for festive occasions, sports shoes, business shoes, etc. You can offer some of your gift baskets on consignment to area stores where you think they would sell well. They could get a percentage from you for every gift basket they sell. You could have a chain of stores selling your shoes and make a lot of money.

You can also offer a delivery service for your basket. For a shorter or smaller budget, you can make several pretty gift baskets, take some digital photos, and print them out in color. You can use them as displays to distribute in stores, instead of the actual baskets. For each basket they sell to you and you send for them, you could give them a percentage of each sale. You must have nice signs that you can put on your car, to get additional orders. There is still a lot of money to be made with baskets for the right niche markets!

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