Ironing Board Storage Systems

While we were in the store, my sister announced that she wanted to go see ironing boards. We hadn’t researched them, so we went to lunch and chat about the options we knew about. Obviously he was in the mood for some kind of ironing board storage system and I could see the appeal of that. Storage in the laundry room has always been an issue and I didn’t even have a laundry room. We knew there were several companies that made embedded systems with different features and we knew that all of them would mean that ironing boards were quick and easy to access when needed and neatly stored when they weren’t.

We also knew that some ironing boards would fold into a drawer or dresser, again with the same quick and easy access and even less obvious when put away. The last option was simply a new ironing board with the usual problem of putting it away neatly and taking it out for use.

What we didn’t know was the prices, so we went to take a look.

Iron-A-Way ironing centers are well known integrated units. Their exteriors can be stained or painted to match any color scheme and some of them have light bulbs and electricity connected to them. Iron Away systems are well known everywhere.

Other companies also make similar systems. Broan makes a very similar unit with white or custom doors. Hafele makes a range of ironing board wall mounts and in many ways puts others to shame. They are easy to mount on any wall and flip left or right and fold in half for easy storage. Witney manufactures built-in tables with a sliding door system and Rev-A-Shelf has tables that fold out of cabinets or dressers and have a unique ford design. They are easy to install with fixed supports and extendable frame sn.

The problem with all of these systems was that they were quite expensive, starting at around $ 250 for the basic systems, and while they had big pros, my sister wasn’t planning on spending that much.

We found a Lifestyle mobile laundry center. It was like a laundry on wheels. It had baskets, a laundry basket, the ironing board and a coat rack and you could get a cover for everything. It seemed like ironing would be fun, but we decided you would have to do a lot of ironing to make it worth it and it took up quite a bit of space and again not a cheap purchase.

Then we look at conventional ironing boards. Surprisingly some of these were as expensive as the built-in options and some of them from Brabantia, which we knew was a big manufacturer of these items, had something called vapor control. It was a steam iron condensation trapping system that I suppose had merit now that steam irons steam so well. Anyway, my sister was still bummed about the price saying that if she was spending that much money she would prefer a recessed unit.

Then we found an ironing board above the door. This was installed to be hung on a door and folded up for use. It was very reasonably priced at $ 40, but my sister couldn’t think of a suitable door to hang it on. The Sullivans make a portable ironing board called the Go Board and it was a great idea for anyone living in a small space, but the boards were too small for my sister and I agreed with her.

In the end, we found some cheaper boards that were perfectly suited to her needs and settled for a $ 55 Polder 1751W-69 De Luxe standing ironing board that she was satisfied with. Chose it in gray and metallic. It’s a great ironing board with adjustable legrest and a place to hang some clothes while they cool. The best features are the extension plug at the bottom of the ironing board, which means you don’t have to stand so close to the plug or have a bulky extension cord on the floor around your feet and when the board is folded. , the legs are locked. I loved that feature, I always have a problem with legs sticking out of mine. Well, it wasn’t the ironing board system that you had originally liked, but it was a good option at a good price.

Just when we were paying for the ironing board, she got her final purchase. A beautiful wicker laundry basket with a Witney design. It is a large basket made of split willow and has a lining that ties to the handles. It looks gorgeous and it cost less than $ 30. I had to laugh, now she had bought this high-tech laundry system and her impulse purchase was an old-fashioned wicker laundry basket. Marvelous!

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