Kymera – The company behind the Magic Wand remote control

English inventors Richard Blakesley and Chris Barnardo are the founders of Kymera, the company behind the revolutionary magic wand remote control.

This intuitive invention allows the user to control all the devices in their home, such as their television and hi-fi, just like Harry Potter. A sequence of natural gestures allows the wand to control your devices instead of the buttons on a standard remote.

They have been developing their invention since 2007 and the finished item is an innovative piece of technology. It employs motion sensing technology, similar to that seen on the Nintendo Wii, and provides users with a rich and intuitive experience not found with any other remote.

The Kymera wand is essentially a universal remote control. However, the buttonless layout was far from what the developers originally planned. A button-based design, with the mother in the shape of a magic wand, was his original vision for the product. However, the addition of modern remote control technology allowed for the full wizard experience and gave the feel of a true magic wand.

The product shape, packaging design, and website all add to this fantasy experience. His website, for example, doesn’t have the traditional experience you’d find on most electrical products. His design, in the form of a book of spells, was specifically designed by the developers with a mystical theme in mind.

The product also comes in a black casing with luxurious silk brocade inside to add the wizard feel again.

The wand comprises up to 13 different motion gestures for things like controlling volume, changing channels, pausing, etc. You can even close the curtains or adjust the air conditioning if you have these types of devices in your home.

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