Ear piercing causes eczema

Ear piercing is very popular these days, this has been heavily influenced by changes in fashion statements. Ear piercing is expected to become much more popular. Atopic eczema has also become very common, but very few studies have addressed the idea that the ear piercing itself could be responsible for causing eczema. Ear piercing involves […]

Lost dog

As much as we try to make sure our dog can’t get lost, it can happen and before we know it, we start to panic about what we can do. Preventing the loss of a pet in the first place is your top priority. Have proper identification attached to your dog’s collar or even better […]

Beginner Martial Arts Palm Strikes

I often start beginning students with palm strikes. This is an especially good technique if you are experiencing hitting frustrations. If your punch isn’t strong enough, if it’s not fast enough, then taking the following steps could be the answer. Palm strokes for beginners It is easier to position your hands precisely for an open […]

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