Top video game influencers on YouTube

On YouTube and other social media platforms, any niche and any topic could lead you to make big profits just by uploading your videos and sharing them with the world. Every view counts, every like is worth a penny, and every action increases traffic. Online games have brought a lot of fun and excitement to […]

Libyan desert glass tektite – ancient gemstone of the pharaohs and builder of cosmic bridges of love

The paraphrased words about Moldavite from the author of “Love is on Earth”, Melody: “An interdimensional access path to the higher galactic energies, bringing higher thought forms and patterns to the Earth plane. A multidimensional passageway to others kingdoms “apply equally to Libyan Desert Glass. The difference between the two is that Libyan Desert Glass […]

5 facts about checking accounts

Banking in today’s world generally means opening a checking account, a savings account, or both. Checking accounts, also called transaction accounts, are set up to allow frequent receipt (deposit) and payment (withdrawal) of funds in the account. Meanwhile, the savings variety is designed for people to use to accumulate savings over longer periods of time. […]

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