Master Cleanse – Forty Day Information

Since the 1940s, Stanley Burroughs Master Cleanse has been helping solve people’s health problems. The cleanse has also been called the lemonade diet. Mr. Burroughs published his book, The Master Cleanse, in 1976. Since then, thousands of people have benefited from the simple, basic plan he created. When the cleanup plan was introduced, there were […]

Tips for Wholesale Homes with Tenants

Many new investors expect to wholesale vacant homes when they enter the business, but quickly find that a large percentage of properties today are occupied, including foreclosures and REOs. So how does this change the game, and what tips can help those who wholesale homes with tenants better navigate the process more profitably? While many, […]

Magical Christmas Trees

Despite the Charlie Brown Christmas tree, it seems that artificial plastic replicas are replacing the glorious magical evergreen Christmas trees. In many homes and commercial establishments these magnificent conifers are no longer welcome. However, some of the most famous Christmas trees are still fir trees. The White House Blue Room Tree has been presented to […]

Facts about Robert Mitchum

While you may have heard the name Robert Mitchum often, you probably don’t know much about him. Are you curious to know how much you really know about him? Try taking a Robert Mitchum quiz to find out exactly what you know. There are dozens of questions that could be included as trivia about this […]

Facebook: the beginning

On October 28, 2003, while trying to distract himself from the fact that he had just been dropped out, Harvard sophomore Mark Zuckerburg created a “Hot or Not” type of website for Harvard students that he called Facemash. The site displayed two random photographs of Harvard college students and allowed users to vote on who […]

Car buyers who buy GM, Ford and Chrysler products

Conventional wisdom is not immutable; it can evolve, and it does. In the case of the automotive world, the notion of the infallibility of Japanese automotive manufacturing has finally been discarded … or so is to be expected. Unfortunately, some people will continue to avoid American cars in favor of imports simply on the basis […]

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