Palm kernel oil: a good home remedy for children’s ailments

From the recent trend of medicinal research, which has to do with plants and their extract, and the results obtained and published so far, it can be said that nature (God of creation) has given man everything he needs. Palm kernel oil, for example, is used in African (Nigerian) medicine to treat a number of ailments that affect babies, such as seizures. Every little plant that we see around us is likely to contain one or more substances (components) that are likely to cure one or more ailments. Although research has shown that some of them are poisonous. For example, there is a claim by the Yoruba in Nigeria-West Africa, that the roots of corn can be used as poison.

Palm kernel oil (PKO), which is obtained from the oil palm tree, is the second oil that can be extracted from the tree. While palm oil is extracted from the mesocarp, the fleshy covering of the oil palm seed, PKO is extracted from the endocarp, the nut itself after breaking. Of the roughly 200 edible oils, crude palm oil and coconut oil (CNO) are the only two that contain lauric acid, which is why they are called lauric oil. Both palm oil and palm kernel oil are obtained from the same tree known as Elaeis guineensis. The two trees that produce PKO, CNO, and palm oil are also similar in that they are both called palms, although they are of different species. Traditionally, the production of PKO involves the following: the nuts obtained after palm oil production are split to obtain the kernels, the kernels are heated in a clean pot until the oils are extracted from the kernels, and then the oil (decanted) from the pot into clean bottles for use or sale. Somewhere in Nigeria, 750 ml of the oil costs 200 Nigerian coins, which is equivalent to about 1.5 US dollars. The oil obtained is dark in color.

PKO can be used to treat ailments such as colds, colds, coughs, seizures, skin infections, and an upset stomach, among other conditions that affect children (as well as adults).

• For colds, colds and seizures, especially in children; just rub the oil all over the child’s body steadily, say three times a day for about 7 days and make sure the ailment will go away in about 10 days. By doing this, evidence abounds that such a child’s skin will be prevented from being infected by some skin pathogens.

• For cough and upset / upset stomach, taking 5 ml twice daily by mouth will suppress cough and upset stomach. Added to this is the fact that it has a purgative effect, this cannot be unrelated to the oily nature of the extract, although the phytochemical constituents may also be responsible for this effect.

• Finally, although as a superstitious belief, is the claim of its use in some parts of Akwa-Ibom in Nigeria, as a witch repellent. The claim is that when the scent of the oil is burned it drives away witches.

In conclusion, traditionally extracted palm kernel oil has great medicinal value not only for children but also for adults, and its healing potential for the ailments mentioned above is an indication of its antimicrobial properties for the microbes that cause some of those ailments. .

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