PlayStation 4 latest news: you may still be able to buy a PS4 before Christmas

Are you trying to buy the PlayStation 4 game console before Christmas? So unknowingly, you may have joined a group of millions of gamers who might currently be experiencing “learned helplessness” from reading this.

According to Dr. Martin Seligman (an American psychologist), learned helplessness is a psychological condition in which human beings stop all goal-seeking behavior due to a perceived lack of control over the outcome of any given situation. With the Christmas holidays just around the corner, and the latest PlayStation 4 news being that it’s completely sold out everywhere, learned helplessness might actually be the biggest challenge gamers face today, a test. much tougher than those typically found in “BioShock Infinite,” “Dragon’s Crown,” and “Tomb Raider,” to name just a few popular Sony video games.

But learned helplessness is not an adequate answer to the PS4 shortage problem. The biggest obstacles in life are not found in unfortunate events, but in how people construct their views of reality through dysfunctional language and thought processes, according to another famous psychologist: Dr. Albert Ellis (1907-2007 ). To put it in other words: “Pessimism never won any battle,” as Dwight David Eisenhower (34th US President) once said.

So what are the latest weapons PlayStation 4 players should acquire if they want to win the real-life quest to acquire the most wanted electronic treasure of the decade? Guess what: as in a classic PS4 game, the tools at your disposal must also be electronic.

Because life is full of surprises, powerful tools and resources sometimes appear in the most unlikely of places. That’s when Wiialerts comes into the picture. Originally designed to track the once-elusive Nintendo Wii (back in the days when it was very hard to find), now scans online stores like GameStop, Amazon, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart, and then messages you with the latest news on the availability of PlayStation 4 as soon as it or whatever consumer electronic device you are looking for is back in stock. Yes: the PlayStation 4 (Wii rival) included in the equation.

This modern approach to surviving in the wild allows you to “beat the crowd,” as happened once when Best Buy recently found some PlayStation 4 consoles and made them available to the public (they disappeared after just nine minutes – the latest news travel more quicker than light). Given the competitive advantage Wiialert offers its subscribers, it is more than likely that those lucky few who had the opportunity to purchase a “sold out” PS4 have heard the news through the aforementioned champion of the website.

Wiialert, however, is not your only option to fight the much-dreaded “sold out” news headline. Like any mysterious vigilante in a dark and exciting PlayStation 4 game, Wiialert has a pair of powerful cronies by his side: and Because these sites work in exactly the same way as Wiilalert, suffice it to say that subscribing to all three services online would be the best advice for those still hoping to get a PS4 before Santa Claus hits town.

So, what are you waiting for? That there is still a real chance of owning a PlayStation 4 before 2014 should be a great reason to overcome any penchant for learned helplessness, in favor of a more productive and successful mindset. The latest PS4 news this week is that you may still be able to buy a PlayStation 4 in a “sold out” world. After all, isn’t it the goal of any true PlayStation 4 gamer to overcome all adversity?

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