Rhode Gear Bike Carrier: Reasons to Consider Affordable Bike Carriers for SUVs and Passenger Cars

A Rhode Gear bike rack is perfect for riders who want simple, inexpensive bike racks for SUVs, cars, and trucks. Some say you get what you pay for, but with bike racks this may not necessarily be true. There are many value-conscious bike rack manufacturers on the market these days, giving riders options for transporting their bikes.

You may think it’s hard to find a quality bike rack for less than $ 100. But Rhode Gear offers many quality products for much less than that. Many cyclists have entrusted their bikes to Rhode Gear’s Super Shuttle and Highway series of roof racks. With many of the same features as the more expensive brands, many prefer to save money for other bicycle accessories or to buy replacement parts in the future. People who are just starting out on their bikes often don’t think about the car or SUV bike rack when calculating their budget, so it’s important to be able to rely on a cheaper bike rack for the first before upgrading.

Like other companies that make bike racks for sport utility vehicles and other automobiles, this company offers hitch racks and luggage racks for sale. The capacities of various Rhode Gear bike rack systems range from one to four bikes, depending on the models. Lighter sedan bikes can use a roof rack. Heavier and larger bikes should use a hitch rack. Read the instruction manual for specific details on weight limits to find out how many bikes you will need and will be able to carry in a given rack.

The great thing about this rack company is that they offer easily accessible rack parts online like straps, hooks and ties for their racks. Plus, they have bike locks, frame adapters, and other things like replacement accessories and cam lever kits. Having easy access to these types of replacement parts is like that of the more expensive brands, but in a more affordable package. This is a great deal for riders on a budget or beginners who are starting their journey in the recreational sport of cycling, be it road or mountain.

It is clear that a bicycle rack does not have to be expensive to provide safe bicycle transport to and from a cyclist’s desired destination. Thoroughly researching different makes and models will help you get the best possible deal for a reliable bike rack for road and mountain bikes. The main features and options are available from lesser known brands such as Rhode Gear bike rack solutions, whether they are bike racks for SUVs, cars or trucks.

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