Spornette hair care product review

Spornette has over 60 years of success in the salon industry and is world famous for the hairbrushes it makes. Spornette International, founded by Walter Sporn, was originally called The Walter Sporn Company in the early 1950s.

Walter’s fame is the nylon brush with a plastic handle. Meeting an engineer who made eyeliner and lip brushes for a major cosmetics company, Walter convinced him to help him design a durable, professional hairbrush that women could use at home. The engineer took Walters’ idea and brought it to fruition. Initially, the Walter Sporn Company featured two items, 5-row and 7-row, which were nondescript brushes with a plastic handle and nylon bristles. This product was launched to professional beauty product distributors, who were immediately sold out. Today, the process used to make Spornette hairbrushes is the industry standard.

Walter visited Europe several times in the late 1950s, inspiring another hairbrush revolution. He returned from abroad with items used to develop what would become very popular hairbrushes for hairstylists across America. Cushion brushes and round nylon brushes, once sold individually, suddenly sold by the dozen in eye-catching Walter-designed displays. This new marketing effort drove sales from two few to literally thousands, practically overnight.

In the early 1970s, the Walters company officially adopted the name Spornette International, Inc. When his son began taking over day-to-day operations, Walter slowly faded into the background to give him a chance to shine. In 1985, Alan Sporn bought the company directly from his parents. In 1994 Alan’s daughter Laurie joined the family business and in early 2000 her brother Jeffery joined the team. The Sporn name continues to be recognized around the world by beauty experts, runway models, and consumers alike. This well-established third-generation company looks forward to the future, insisting that it will keep the Spornette tradition alive by making hairbrushes that encourage users to feel happy and beautiful.

Not only does Spornette offer the best hairbrushes in the world, it also showcases amazing styling tools backed by more than 40 years of research. In truth, Spornette has a hairbrush design down to science. They make each of their brushes with the idea that certain brushes pair better with certain hair. A quick and easy questionnaire helps buyers find the brush that will work best for their hair.

Spornette has identified several classifications of brushes. The Porcupine family, for example, is just one of many groups of brushes on offer to help create your ideal hairstyle. This styling brush set features a perfect balance of boar bristle and nylon. The white nylon bristles can penetrate deep into any hair texture and are especially useful for detangling damp hair. Black boar bristles hold hair in place for extraordinary styling results. These types of brushes are also essential for the even distribution of the hair’s natural oils. There are five sizes of round brushes in this family to create the desired look, used by women of all hair colors and textures.

Spornette, while famous for its hair brushes, also offers a variety of other beauty products, including Marche makeup brushes. They are used for the application of eyeshadows, face powders, blushes, highlighters, brushes and eyeliners. They also display ceramic heat rollers and ion combs, as well as round brushes, ceramic brushes and paddle brushes. Every brush made by Spornette comes with the company’s personal warranty, available at prices tailored to any budget. If you are a woman of today who loves a good brush, you are using a Spornette!

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