Taking more care of your dog

I have a dog named Baby Bear. She is only seven months old and pregnant. It needs special care because it has small dogs inside it. I will share with you some tips on how to take better care of your dogs.

Dogs are generally friendly and domesticated as household pets. But if they have babies inside or small cubs with them, they are very careful and defensive with their young. Also take great care as their owner to show that you respect and love them as your necessary pets.

1. Feed them consistently on time with a variety of nutritious foods. Don’t limit yourself to the dog food you buy in stores. Dogs need more than processed food for their growing bodies, as well as for the bodies of their babies within them if they are pregnant. Cook meat for them from time to time and let them drink milk. Pork or beef are good. You can also include vegetables and rice in a few moments.

2. Bathe your dogs two to three times a week. Do not bathe them every day, as this will disrupt their bodies’ natural cleansing. Buy a dog shampoo and comb your pets’ hair. Bathing them every day can also make them sick with colds or other ailments. Kill the lice with the dog lice killer and keep your dog away from the trash.

3. Pet your dog and talk to him. Dogs are intelligent mammals. They can understand us with our gestures, facial expression and tone of voice. Be kind and loving to them.

4. If your dog does not stay indoors, there should be a clean, livable doghouse for him that is shaded by trees to keep him cool.

5. When the puppies are born, place them in a soft padded case where your dog can also fit. This is so that the mother feels comfortable when nursing the puppies.

6. Take your dog and puppies to a vet for a medical checkup. Ask your vet when is the right time for your dogs to be vaccinated against rabies and additional vaccines for health.

Baby Bear is young to have babies so I make sure she is taken good care of. She is my favorite bitch who loves me too.

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