Ten Directories to Help You Follow on Twitter and Get Followers

People can be found on Twitter to continue using “find people”, if their name or account is known to the potential follower or if they allow their email as a search reference. Another way to find people is to put up a Twitter profile that includes a title to search for, such as “coach” or “author.” However, these methods will only help to find a few people, as many more may appear that do not really meet the requirements desired by the user. A more specific approach is needed to find people to follow (follow) and who could follow (followers) to ensure you get the best information from the experts or the right potential audience.

Twitter is such a popular communication tool that many directories have been created around it that can be used to make it easy to follow the people you want. Many of these directories are free or have a small fee for professional use. Some also provide space for Twitter users to say more about themselves than is allowed on the 160-character Twitter profile, making it easier for others to find out more and decide to become followers of a particular account. Below are ten of the popular directories currently available to easily find people on Twitter by keyword category or user location.

Category Directories:

1. Twellow (twellow.com) – Known as the Twitter yellow pages as it is updated with new accounts added to Twitter.

2. Twiends (twiends.com) similar to Twellow in the ability to find accounts with similar interests.

3. Twubs (twubs.com/): directory of users who use categories of events or topics through hashtags on Twitter.

4. We Follow (wefollow.com) – Similar to Tweet Find but with more category tags.

5. AdExchanger (adexchanger.com/Twitter-directory/) – Scroll through the list of Twitter accounts to find people to follow within the desired category.

6. Twitter Directory (twitterdir.com): search companies by subcategories

7. Mr. Tweet (mrtweet.com) – A discontinued directory that contains a user community rather than by category, but can be used in the same way. Twitter now offers suggestions for who to follow, so this associated program has been removed.

Rental Directories:

8. Twopcharts (wopcharts.com): allows users to find others based on city or language.

9. Socialbearing (socialbearing.com) – Allows text-based searching by location, Twitter users, or those using specific hashtags.

10. Local Tweeps (localtweeps.com): Search for Twitter users who sign up to be in the directory by zip code.

Using the best directory to meet the business and social media needs of these ten along with the popular Twitter communication tool should help make following the people you want a little easier. Go through various directories and then consider which directory offers the most efficient targeting approach to finding the right people to follow and who to follow to get the best desired information or to find the right audience for tweets.

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