The Green Light for Potty Training: When Is It?

Some parents may encounter obstacles in the process of potty training their children. One of them is that they, probably including you, aren’t really ready. Therefore, you can find out the solution below. Enjoy reading!

A role of parents

Feel like the green light is on, but you’re not ready to go through with potty training? You’re not alone. Parents play an important role in potty training. How well you organize, prioritize, and prepare will have a huge impact on the success or failure of this trip. Consider filling up on gas for the trip. You’ll need a half tank of breath and a half tank of praise to get where you want to go.

Cheer up

What is the stimulus? It is one of the best gifts you can give your child during this time. Encouragement builds your child’s self-esteem. It also reinforces good positive behavior. You can encourage your child by telling him when he has done a difficult task. For example, when he goes to the bathroom and actually uses it. The encouragement acknowledges to your child that you know that he completed a difficult task. You can even cheer your child on when he kneads the mark. Sorry for the pun. Here are some examples of encouraging comments.

encouraging comments

1. “Wow, you did a good job dropping your pants.”
2. “I’m so proud of you. You sat on the pot!”
3. “Good job! You used the pot!”

Note that the focus of encouraging comments is always on the child’s good behavior. Encouragement goes a long way in helping build your child’s self-confidence. These responses help your child understand that her attempts do not go unnoticed. He will need it for the difficult task of pulling down his pants or taking off his shoes. You should use language that is easy for your child to understand. Most importantly, you have to be honest.


Praise is the second type of fuel you’ll need on the potty training journey. You may be wondering, “What is the difference between encouraging and praising?” There is a big difference! However, both are equally important to potty training your child. The stimulus speaks about the result. Praise targets your child’s behavior by praising the behavior. Take a look at some examples of praise comments.

praise comments

1) “You walked over to the pot and sat down.”

2) “You pulled down on the pull-ups first.”

3) “You asked mommy for help.”

Praise tells your child that you approve of his behavior when he uses comments like these. You will notice something magical happening the more you praise your child. The little tyke will try to make you happy. At the same time, he is building the self-esteem that is needed to get through life. He won’t have a pair of pants too difficult to remove. There will be no wall too high to climb. No test too difficult, except maybe geometry. Teach your child about praise during potty time and the lesson will last a lifetime!

I know all of this is hard to imagine as you look at your little one right now. However, it is true. Remember the words of E&P. Remember the example sentences. If your child can learn to use the pot, she can learn to encourage and praise needs.

So are you ready for training now? Hope everything goes well.

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