Why won’t your man commit?

As a relationship coach, women often ask me why their partners deceived them or why their men do not establish a wedding date. “After all,” they tell me, “we are in a compromise relationship. “Maybe you’ve been there. In all cases, I ask these women, “what do you call a committed relationship?” For most women, […]

Fast Ivy League Admission Tips

The Ivy League is an athletic union of American educational institutes based in the northeastern United States, including Harvard, Yale, and Columbia University. Many people mistakenly believe that MIT and Stanford are members of this union. While we refer to these institutes in this article, they are not. There are a number of factors that […]

Yorkshire Terriers as family dogs

Why “Yorkies” Make Good Family Dogs For people with older children. The “Yorkie” is an intelligent and active breed of dog that transmits an air of importance. The Yorkshire Terrier loves attention and is very loyal. The Yorkshire Terrier does not have the typical mild temperament seen in most lap dogs. This breed is bold […]

The last cowboy

Ka-ching. Ka-ching. Ka-ching. The spurs of cowboy boots: an unmistakable sound. An ancient sound, dating back to the Roman legions of Julius Caesar and beyond, evoking feelings of respect, awe and fear. The American cowboy. Long days, wagons, and toughness are words used to describe the life of a cowboy to schoolchildren when they visit […]

Spend the weekend in Atlanta

Have a girls weekend in Hotlanta. Atlanta is called Hotlanta, because of the weather and its lively nightlife. Friends will have an unforgettable experience drinking martinis, sipping gourmet appetizers, and spending the night partying at an Atlanta nightclub. Women can spend the weekend at the Ellis Hotel, a cosmopolitan southern hotel with minimal decor, flat […]

Hey friend, listen

Hey friend, I’m talking to you Hello, Mr. Big Shot. You know who you are. You lower the power and accumulate wealth and you feel important and successful. Please. Do me a favor. It could change your life. Take a small child in your arms. If it’s your own child, so much the better, but […]

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