AdsBot Advertising on Google and Adwords

Google is using a tracker especially for its AdWords advertising system that automatically tracks and analyzes the content of advertising displayed on the Google network or other websites. The name of the new tracker is AdsBot-Google. If you see such an entry in your web logs, you know that this bot has visited your website.

Why is Google AdsBot visiting my ad’s landing page?

Google uses AdsBot to measure the quality of ad landing pages. The content of the landing page will be used for the Quality Score that Google assigns to your ads.

Google uses the Quality Score and the amount you are willing to pay to determine the position of your ads. Ads with a high quality score may rank higher, even if you pay less than others for the ad.

If you don’t want Google to crawl these landing pages, you can add the following robots.txt file to your server:

User agent: adsbot-google

Do not allow: /

These commands prohibit Adsbot-Google from crawling or indexing your web pages that you display for advertising in Google search results. However, the downside of this is that your AdWords Quality Score will go down and you will certainly have to pay for it too. So you better forget to deny Adsbot-Google crawler access to your pages. Google AdWords landing pages and site quality guidelines are posted on Google AdWords pages.

Just to let you know that we know what we’re talking about here, let’s see what Google has to say on this topic:

We quote:

“While you can exclude your site from the review, this will give us little insight into the quality and relevance of your landing page. So if you restrict AdWords visits to your landing pages, you’ll experience a drop in engagement levels.” quality for your related keywords.”

We can certainly tell you about the consequences:

Restricting access will result in higher bid requirements for any landing pages that Google can’t visit for this reason. This says: you will have to pay more money for your ads.

Google AdWords Ad Optimization

If you use cloaking web pages for your Google AdWords campaign, Google will find out what you are cloaking.

Serving cloaked pages to Google crawlers can get your website banned or penalized from search results and not just Google, but all other major search engines don’t think highly of this deceptive and fictitious behavior.

Your landing pages should be informative and relevant to the search terms you’re targeting with your AdWords ads. If you’re not sure how to optimize your Google AdWords campaign, you can always visit the Google AdWords Learning Center. Lots of information there! But to keep it a bit focused, let me add the following:

Your landing pages need to be related to your ads and they need to convince your website visitors to buy, book or sign up for something on your website. Good landing pages work with pay-per-click ads.

If you want to learn more about how to convert website visitors into customers, take a look at how to convert visitors into customers.

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