Freestyle Snowboarding Tips

Snowboarding is a fairly popular sport that is mainly practiced for recreational purposes, although it is also practiced professionally. It is estimated that about 3.4 million people in the United States snowboard. There are three basic styles of snowboarding:

free ride snowboard

This is the best style to start with if you are a beginner snowboarder. Basically, it is about standing on the board and going down the mountain or the hill. The snowboards used here are longer and narrower.

alpine snowboard

This is snowboarding made with the goal of making clean, curvy turns.

freestyle snowboarding

It is the most popular style of snowboarding in which the snowboarder performs jumps, turns, and other stunts. It is mainly used in competitive snowboarding.

How to dress for snowboarding

It is vital to dress appropriately before you start snowboarding, as this helps prevent injuries. Warm clothing is essential to protect yourself from the cold. Make sure you have a snow coat, snow pants, and thermal layers. Clothing should be insulating, light and waterproof. The snow coat should be long enough to cover your stomach, and the snow pants should fit loosely so you can move your legs easily. Snow gloves are also needed. Some snowboarders may prefer mittens over gloves, but whatever your preference is, it should have insulated linings to absorb moisture and perspiration and should be waterproof. Beginners can especially wear wrist wraps under the gloves so that in case they fall off, they are protected from injury. Snow goggles are essential to protect your eyes from direct sunlight, ultraviolet radiation, wind, and particulate matter. It is also mandatory to wear a protective helmet, whether you are a beginner or an expert, to protect your head. Most snowboard helmets have built-in insulation to keep your head warm. Make sure your helmet fits properly.

freestyle snowboard gear

The actual snowboard equipment consists of the boots, the bindings and the snowboard. There are specially designed snowboard boots with step-in or strap bindings used to attach boots to snowboards. One must make sure to wear the boots properly. Boots can be hard or soft.

For this style, soft boots are preferred as they provide the rider with comfort, great support and more flexibility at the ankles. Freestyle boards are shorter, wider, more flexible, and more stable, allowing the snowboarder to jump, spin, or try any other trick they desire.

How to board and practice freestyle snowboarding

Before you can snowboard using freestyle, it is important that you train yourself mentally and physically. Before you can try a trick, visualize it. When you train, train with a specific trick in mind. Physical training will ensure that you are in good shape and your muscles are flexible. You can go to the gym, run, walk, ride a bike, do squats, push-ups or stretch your whole body to make it stronger and more flexible to execute your tricks.

Most importantly, believe in yourself!

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