Hemorrhoids and how to control them to avoid pain

You have reached this condition most likely due to a poor diet, lack of knowledge and not taking steps to change the situation.

The process of fecal elimination is supposed to leave the intestine in a clean finished stool. The throttle valve that sits higher up in your intestine is the cause of your pain and discomfort.

This valve is doing its job properly, but what happened is that the membranes inside the intestine were pressed down with hard stool and took away part of the lining of the intestine. Once the fecal matter has passed the valve, it closes and traps the membranes on the outside and the valve squeezes and strangles the membranes, which swell up and look like little cherries outside the anus.

To avoid the pain and discomfort of this, you need to put them back in above the choke valve again. To do this, use a baby cream called Amolin of a similar product, lie on your stomach on a bed and use a finger to apply the cream and push the cherries into the anus above the throttle valve.

Stay in bed long enough for them to stay in above the valve. This may take some time depending on how long they have been gone. Avoid strenuous movements once they’re back because, just as the cream helps replenish them, it can also let them out.

I recently had a colonoscopy done by Professor Yik-Hong Ho in Townsville and all was clear was the verdict that it is living proof my system works because I have been using it for the last 40 years now I am 65 and believe me there is bowel cancer everywhere these days and my system is the best preventative measure.

I have devised a Body Management System to take control of your bowel movements for yourself and not be tied down by things that happen when you least want it. We take for granted what is going on down there inside your body. We take great care of personal hygiene by washing our hands 20 times a day, but are we clean on the inside?

Most likely, you are carrying overdue fecal matter in your intestine that should have cleared up 2 days ago. Well my system will change all that by leaving you clean and healthy on the inside and using the system makes regular bowel elimination a joy.

So if you want to regain full control of your bowel movements and hemorrhoids, you can read how by going to my Special Report and that will be the start of your new life. Trust me when I tell you that it works and will make you a new clean regular person on the inside where it counts most.

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