Magna Makes Seats For BMW Cars

Makes Seats For BMW Cars

A BMW is a fine vehicle, but you may not know who makes the seats that you ride in when driving one. The answer is a company in Spartanburg County, South Carolina named Magna International Inc.

Magna has announced a new partnership with Buy BMW car seats that will see the construction of a new seat-manufacturing plant in Spartanburg. The plant will provide seating for BMW X3, X4, X5, and X6 models. The plant will employ more than 480 people when it opens next year.

The new plant will be the first seating facility that Magna has built with BMW. Currently, the two companies have an existing relationship that focuses on other areas of the car. Magna’s three other plants in the state supply BMW with parts like mirrors, exterior doors, and car bodies.

Magna Makes Seats For BMW Cars

The newest facility will be located in Spartanburg County, which is home to BMW’s factory that builds the X5 and X6 vehicles. This new plant will replace Lear’s plant that was building seats for these vehicles. The new plant will also be capable of producing seats for the larger X7 model that is expected to launch in 2022.

What is special about these new seats is that they are lighter than their competitors. The seats are designed by the German engineering firm Brose and they are constructed from an intelligent mix of materials. The seat structure weighs less than 15 kilograms, which is nearly 20 percent lighter than other seats. The seats also have a unique design that allows them to be mounted on the chassis of the car with just a few mounting points.

The seats have up to 16 different adjustment settings, including electric power seat adjustment and an electromechanical lumbar adjuster that has a massage function. The seats are also designed to be able to adjust to the occupants size and weight. The new seats will also offer a heated front seat option as well as an active ventilation system for the driver and passenger.

According to Cartelligent, the seats will be offered in a variety of colors and finishes. Customers will have the choice of leather or SensaTec. The latter is a vegan alternative to real leather that offers the same comfort without the environmental impact. The company says that it has been a popular option for customers in Devon, PA and across the United States.

BMW recently made headlines when it started selling heated seat subscriptions in a number of countries. Customers can subscribe for a month ($18), for a year ($180), or for three years ($300) to keep their seats warm. The move prompted quite the backlash on social media from BMW fans who felt that the automaker was embracing microtransactions. However, the automaker has since said that it will no longer offer hardware features behind a monthly fee and that the new focus will be software-based functions.

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